• Kristin Noel

Welcome to annapolis

Floral Blazer | Suede Leggings | Scarf | ALDO Boots

So, you would not believe what we had to go through to get these pictures!! The day we scheduled to take them, which is already a challenge due to our ever conflicting personal lives, there was a forecast of strong winds & for the first time EVER the weathermen were actually telling the truth! This pier in Annapolis is actually behind my apartment complex and we thought it would make for adorable photos! The photos came out exactly how I envisioned them, but we can all laugh at the one above where I tried using my scarf as a blanket because I was actually freezing my booty cheeks off trying to get the perfect picture. As many of you have most likely experienced getting the perfect picture means “looking like you are having fun and loving life.” This turned into me & Chanel, the brilliant photographer, cracking up at how ridiculous it seemed. Anyways, you get gist, this behind the scenes stuff is no joke!

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