• Kristin Noel

Valentines guide for him

Ladies!! I have officially solved all of your gift giving woes, confusion, and trauma. I have  discovered the holy grail of gift giving for men! We all know how tough it is to find the perfect gift for your significant other because they NEVER tell you what they want. While I am single as a pringle, I have in fact had relationships before & contrary to popular belief I do have a soul! (gingers just steal them from others) I remember the stress of finding the perfect gift, asking every friend & family member around if they’ve mentioned anything maybe you didn’t know about, & occasionally (actually always) snooping through literally everything to discover their favorite things. I am here to make your lives easier & believe me, I really have.

This holy grail is known as Man Crates. Man crates believes that gift giving should be exciting & unforgettable. Lets be real though; no man has ever gotten excited over some shirts & socks, so their mission is to make awesome gifts that guys actually want! It is quite literally a crate filled with all of the best products for your man. There are hundreds of different crates to choose from & separate categories to help you really zero in on the best one. There’s eating, drinking, grilling, outdoors, sports & project kits! You can get any of them personalized & if you are still unsure of which one to choose they offer a list of their best sellers! It is reasonably priced for everything you’re getting as well, but would you really put a price on your significant others happiness?!

So what are you waiting for?!?! Head on over to Man Crates now & win the valentines day gift giving competition! Let me know which one you choose!

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