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Tulle & Metallics

I absolutely cannot believe that Valentines Day is only two days away. It is a strange holiday because it isn't necessarily a holiday at all. I wouldn't call myself cynical because I am actually a hopeless romantic at heart, but this holiday always brings, well me anyway, so much disappointment!

If you are single then it is an all day reminder that you are alone, have zero plans, & are definitely not getting any presents. (do what I do & buy yourself a gift) If you are in a relationship then you spend at least a week wondering how the day will turn out & if you'll have the most romantic day ever. It is a day full of intense expectations & I am someone who doesn't enjoy expectation. I love spontaneity, excitement, & the unknown.

HOWEVER, with all of that said, I am always looking for a reason for a glamour moment. Valentines Day offers me, & all of you, that glamour moment! Depending on your plans you may not need to get all dolled up. I picked this outfit because it speaks to my own personal style. My need to be as girly as possible while still having an edge. I picked a pretty short dress with a tulle skirt for a fun & flirty vibe. I didn't want to put any simple sweater over top of this adorable dress, so naturally a leather jacket was my go to. (I have a leather jacket for every occasion) Since it is Valentines Day I picked this rose gold leather jacket for some edge & picked out my favorite studded shoes.

Once we finally got outside you'd be so surprised by how this shoot ACTUALLY went. First, I bought balloons because I had a vision in my head, but the second I stepped out into the cold they deflated. Literally so irritating. Then, when we parked near where we were doing this shoot I accidentally left my phone in the car. After Chanel & I finally made it to this spot (freezing the entire walk over) the wind didn't want to cooperate. My hair was everywhere!! You can only imagine how frustrating that can be when you're working on the perfect shot. I was clearly in a short dress, leather jacket, & not much else. I was DYING. It was incredibly cold & we were laughing through the entire shoot because my legs actually felt as if I could snap them off like icicles. Finally, when everything was all said & done, we walked all the way back to the car to realize I hadn't even parked in an actual parking spot....

It may not have been the most glamorous moment, but holy crap did Chanel take some incredible photos. She really is the reason this shoot turned out as perfect as it did! Take a few moments & look at all of her work on Chanel Photography & find a reason to hire her!

If you have plans for Valentines day, or a fantasy of how you want it to turn out, please leave them in the comments! I love hearing about everyones perfect date. I will be spending valentines day with my girl friends tonight watching the new Fifty Shades movie! YAY!

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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