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Target: Safe or Dangerous?

Okay y’all. Lets not pretend like we aren’t all insane target shoppers. Every single one of us has, most likely, gone into target for one thing & come out spending at least $100 and probably without the original item we went in there for. Those dollar buys alone will bring you to $30!! They have the most insane, but for some reason absolutely necessary, items in the dollar buys. I can get decorations for any holiday, gel pens, new notebooks, a travel coffee mug, & toys for my nephew all in the dollar section. It is outrageous.

This particular target trip was originally blog related. I needed a few things for a shoot I am styling & decided target was the way to go! Chanel came with me, naturally with her camera. Quick off topic, she is seriously the most amazing photographer ever. She is the kindest & sweetest person I have ever met. She has a heart of gold & her pictures are magazine worthy. If you need a photographer for ANYTHING she has the most incredible ideas. She can do it all! Chanel Photography!

Back to the point! Target is NOT safe by any means. It is the most dangerous place for your wallet. I started in the dollar buys just looking for super simple things for my blog post. I budgeted out like $50 max. There was no way I would actually spend that much, but just in case. Clearly, it ended up getting out of control.

I don’t know where you all live, but the Annapolis Target has just moved everything around! The way it is set up you barely make it all the way into the store before the money in your wallet is gone. They have added an entirely new clothing section that has some of the most gorgeous pieces! Behind that is the new accessories section & they have really gone all out with that. The purses were perfect. There was something for everyone & the jewelry was displayed extremely neatly with a clear vision. It is a fashion stylists (me) dream! Needless to say it was sensory overload for me & I needed everything.

Basically, do not enter Target without if you are not prepared to spend all of your money. I bought the most random things. A bathing suit, random house decor, holiday decorations, gel pens, a coffee mug, a candle, napkins, & tampons. Yes dudes, if you’re reading this tampons are necessary & available at target. Get your girlfriend some. Save her an expense this month & be a hero.

How do your target trips usually go? Do you spend a lot of money, or can you contain yourself?

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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