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St. Pattys Shenanigans

We all know St. Patricks Day is a super fun holiday full of so much drinking & the who can wear the most outrageously green outfit, but what do you do when you still want to look cute & be fun??

That is why I am here! Helping you all still have fun and be quirky, but look hella cute doing it; especially if it is last minute. We all know that green is the goal because under absolutely no circumstance is ANYONE pinching me. I will punch you back if you pinch me. It doesn't have to be a specific shade of green, just green! I went with these light weight forest green shorts from BCBG. It was pretty easy to pair the rest of the outfit around my one green piece because I believe a black t shirt brings every single outfit together!

The good news is that I am already Irish! In case that needed to be stated & wasn't already obvious to everyone. The red hair is real. I am indeed a natural redhead, so at least I had that going for me for the holiday. Once your outfit is cute & ready to go, you need accessories! I don't mean earrings & necklace type of accessories. I mean the good stuff. The loud, obnoxious & absolutely amazing ones that are centered around St. Patrick's Day, have glitter everywhere, & are just plain fun to wear!

There are so many different options. You can wear headbands that say kiss me, giant glasses that say Irish, carry around a flask all day, wear a blinking shamrock necklace & maybe the necklace has a shot glass attached!! This is the part where you get to go all out & have fun! Maybe you have giant green earrings! I know that my goal today before work is to head into the Claire's that is next to my store & go ALL OUT. Target also has a BUNCH of stuff in their dollar buys! I don't know if you remember what I said about those dollar buys in my last post, but they are dangerous.

Don't worry you will be able to see everything I am doing for St. Patrick's Day on my Instagram story! So, if you don't follow me, you definitely will want to.

Now that you are completely ready to party, go fill your flasks with Jameson (fun fact I took a shot of Jameson at this bar at 11:30am; it was gross, but I believe in you), deck yourself out in every Irish accessory you can find & have fun!

If you will be in Baltimore then come find me! I will be the redhead in green.

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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