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red, white, and buzzed

Happy Fourth of July!

I was working on a last minute treat for your Fourth of July parties and decided that this treat had to be for adults only! We work so hard all of the time that we deserve some fun that also tastes wonderful! This treat is called Buzzed Cherry Bombs. Cherries soaked in vodka and decorated for Fourth of July. Crowd pleaser for sure.

What you will need:

  1. Maraschino Cherries; preferably with the stems

  2. White morsels for melting

  3. Blue sprinkles

  4. Vanilla Vodka

  5. Parchment Paper

  6. Toothpicks if you don't have stemmed cherries

I would normally just give you the steps and send you on your way, but this whole experience making these was actually one epic failure after another that I am going to get so detailed into my instructions that you will have absolutely no issues!

Steps to a phenomenal Buzzed Cherry Bomb:

  1. It is super important to strain the cherry juice out of the cherries. The easiest way to do this is to put a strainer in the sink and pour the entire jar in! Less mess and way easier to toss the cherries back into the jar. KEEP. THE. JAR.

  2. Once the cherries are back into the jar, you fill the jar up with the Vanilla Vodka! It really doesn't matter what brand you use as long as it is Vanilla flavored. Then pop the jar in the fridge and let them soak for at least 4 hours. Overnight is always best, but since we are working on last minute here, 4 hours gets the job done!

  3. Here is where everything went downhill for me! Melting the white morsels. There are a million ways the internet says you can do this. For some odd reason my "common sense" told me just to toss them in a bowl and microwave them. LOL. Do NOT do that. It was a disaster. (thank god I only used half the bag because I was experimenting) Turn your stove on to medium low heat and put the white morsels in a pot on the stove. The entire bag. Then put 1/3 cup of water in with it! The water keeps the morsels from burning, trust me.

This was my epic failure at the microwave...
  1. After the white morsels are melted turn the stove down to super low. Here is where I messed up next, DO NOT take the pot off the stove. Once you pour out the melted morsels it starts to harden and it is super hard to work with. Cute idea for photos, not so cute when executing the recipe...

  2. Grab a pan and cover it completely with parchment paper. Do this step before you continue on, and pour your blue sprinkles into a bowl!

  3. So, you have your melted morsels, pan ready with parchment paper, and blue sprinkles in a bowl; PERFECT! Time to get the cherries out of the fridge. If you have the stemmed cherries awesome, if not this is where you will need your toothpicks (another fail on my part) Toothpick, or hold, your cherries and dip it into the white morsels to cover it only half way, and then immediately dip it into the blue sprinkles and cover the white part half way with the sprinkles. You want to leave some space so that you can tell it's red, white, and blue!

See! Red, White, and Blue!
  1. Continue to do this with all of the cherries, or until the pan is full!

  2. Once the pan is full, you will put it into the freezer for like 20 minutes and BOOM. there you have it. Buzzed Cherry Bombs for the whole party to enjoy.

  3. Last minute tip... The extra juice that you have left over from the jar can be used as a now Cherry Vodka Shot :)

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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