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Mint Green dress

Have you ever been browsing pinterest, or instagram, and gained some inspiration from a beautiful picture & absolutely HAD to create something from that?! I have and it was the most interesting experience ever that resulted in the prettiest pictures in this perfect mint green dress.

This post was originally going to be a St. Patrick's Day post that was all pretty, elegant, and different, but as the day went on the entire idea in my head changed. We all read these blogs & see the beautiful pictures, gorgeous outfits, and pretty backdrops & we wish our lives were just as exciting, pretty, and elegant! I know that I used to do the same thing & I swore when I finally took the plunge I would be as real as possible.

I wanted this to be this super artsy photoshoot & it that to end up being a post all about this dress & my outfit. I was really hoping for this glamorous fashion moment. INSTEAD, I am about to tell you all about how this shoot actually happened & what behind the scenes really means!

We all, Chanel, Britani, & I, started this day off with such excitement & high expectations. We were thrilled to see where this field would take us and we could not wait to explore the different photo options. Chanel & I had a very similar and clear vision. We knew exactly what we wanted the pictures to look like, how the entire shoot would play out, and I knew the direction of the post. Although we already had a pretty vision in our head, it actually turned out to be MUCH harder than we thought.

First of all, this day was beyond cold. How could we go from like a few days of warm weather to all of a sudden below freezing?! (we ended up getting a snow storm a few days after this shoot, go figure) After I came to terms with how cold I was going to be, we realized this field was literally filled with thorns. EVERYWHERE. I couldn't move a muscle without getting my dress caught, my foot stabbed, or bleeding. Legit bleeding.

Thats actual footage of me bleeding from being trapped in a sea of thorns. I am definitely not kidding. I had ZERO idea that there were thorns everywhere when I just frolicked into this field. Immediately I was stopped because my frolic hurt real bad & then realized that I was stuck! My dress was caught on thorns, I couldn't move a muscle or I would get stabbed, & I was in sandals so I had tiny thorns stuck in my feet. I was laughing, but low key in a panic as to how I would get out! The in comes Britani to rescue me! If you ever need a real solid sidekick she is your girl!

Britani, who had my coat stuffed into her coat to keep mine warm for me, swooped into the thorn, threw my coat over my shoulders, scooped me up & carried me to safety. It was genuinely hysterical, and I was beyond grateful.

All in all this was a pretty successful day, but If you look at my face close enough in these picture you can see fear in my eyes! Even though I was hoping for my glamour moment I wouldn't trade the experience for anything & this dress is downright adorable. If you love it too you can find something exactly the same here.

My lip color is Plum Pretty Lipsense

My photographer is Chanel Photography

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