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Mexico relaxation

Sorry this post has taken so long y'all! I swear I set foot on US soil and my life has been nonstop ever since. I have a few big things in play that I am super excited to share with you, but lets start with the Mexico trip!

Mexico was absolutely perfection. We were there for my best friends wedding! It was warm, sunny, and cheerful. Literally, every single person at the resort was so friendly & helpful. They all said hello to you as you walked by, smiled constantly, always ready with alcohol. I don't even think you could get a drink without alcohol in it; that just wasn't allowed. Our first night there, my mom & i were at dinner and I was so thirsty. All I wanted was a refreshing soda, but when I asked for coke the server just stared at me and asked "tequila, vodka, rum"? My mom couldn't stop laughing because I ended up with a rum & coke, glass of wine, & a glass of water I certainly wasn't going to be drinking. (everyone told me not to drink the water, I listened) I was even insane about it in the shower. My lips were closed REAL tight. I wasn't letting a single drop slip into my mouth.

The resort we stayed at was beyond beautiful. It was huge with like 11 different bars to drink from, multiple restaurants to eat at, 6 different pools to lounge by, and everything was included! We did not have to pay for a single meal, or drink, all weekend. The mini bar, fridge, and room service was also included!

We spent a great deal of time at the sports bar. The bartender was always the same & he understood my best friend Michelle & I. We basically only like shots because the taste of alcohol is disgusting, but we want our shots to taste like juice without being juice. I know, it's confusing. Alejandro nailed it though with those shots above. It is called a Toucan! It was amazing and my mom even took a few with me! Shoutout to Kim for being the real MVP that night. We ended up in the spa building, all of us lit, going for a night swim in the spa pool because one of the workers at the resort told us it was quiet & we wouldn't get caught there.

The wedding wasn't until Saturday, so we had all day Friday to do whatever we wanted. My mom & I had breakfast at their buffet restaurant and it was so damn good. I ate a crepe for breakfast every single morning. The guy who makes them for you knew exactly what I wanted by the end of the trip & even greeted me as if we were friends because I spent so much time eating crepes. We spent a solid amount of time on the beach, floated in the lazy river, lounged on the outside beds, and even spent some time hanging by the swim up pool bar. We covered every inch of that resort. We had lunch at this little place on the beach that served the most incredible tacos and had entertainment! There was a singer who actually sang songs while riding a horse on the beach at this restaurant. Naturally, I couldn't understand a single word, but it sounded lovely.

Friday night at the resort they had "Mexican" night! There was all Mexican food, Mexican music & dancers, games, & as always, lots of drinks! They handed you a margarita when you walked in! It was amazing. I dressed up in my Nordstrom maxi with all the colors & wore my ALDO earrings that gave me a fiesta vibe. It was a crazy amount of fun. Then we ended up at the sports bar again where we did more Toucan shots!

Which brings us to WEDDING DAY! Saturday was perfect. The weather was perfect. Michelle looked perfect. The venue looked perfect. Jon (her husband) looked perfect. It was the most incredible day and she was the most stunning bride. I could not be more happy for two people! We started the day by getting breakfast with Michelle! My mom & I relaxed for a few hours & then I made my way to her room & the getting ready process really got going. Her dress was this stunning mermaid silhouette that framed her unbelievably well. So well that she had trouble climbing onto this chair we were trying to use for pictures. All hands on deck for the perfect shot! The wedding was on the beach overlooking the water. It was a private, and intimate, location that truly represented them & their love. We all ate, danced, and partied the night away. The bride & groom kept getting tequila shots together! It was hilarious because Michelle was pouring hers out into his water when he wasn't looking & he was doing the same to hers! I imagine that came as a shock when they went to take a sip of their waters.

There is so much more to this trip that I want to add & I have a million more pictures to show you! So I will wrap up this post now & I will just have to do a part 2! Stay tuned because thats full of adventures through the jungle, swimming in caves, mayan ruins, and some unexpected twists along the way.

Have you guys ever traveled anywhere outside of the USA? Drop your travel stories in my comments! I would love to hear them.

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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