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Mexico Part 2

This is the post I am most excited about because I was super proud of myself this day! On my last day in Mexico we all went on one of the Adventure Excursions. It was full of zip lining, repelling down the side of a cave, ATV riding, and swimming in caves full of bats (and apparently snakes, but I swear he was just trying to scare me). It pushed me way outside of my comfort zone and challenged me in a way that was both exhausting and rewarding.

The day started with a 1.5 hour drive to the site. It was legit 8:30am and they were offering tequila and corona in the van. They truly do not joke about tequila in Mexico. I am real glad that I brought sneakers with me because this day included a lot of hiking. The guy who was taking us around all day was absolutely hilarious & easy to get along with. His name was Issa, but more on that later! We were able to start with the zip lining and I was beyond excited because I had never done it before and we were about to do three different zip lines! Each zip line was longer and bigger than the last. I am small, so every single time I went down a zip line I would turn around and end up coming in hot backwards! I didn't know if I was at the end of the line, or what! It was exhilarating, but terrifying.

After we all zip lined and were sweaty, adrenaline pumping, and excited we moved onto the repelling portion. At first it didn't seem like a tall cliff. I even thought to myself "oh, its little, I can handle this" WRONG. Once you were on the edge of that cliff looking down it was much higher than it appeared. Essentially you are supposed to just sit, lean back, keep your legs straight and slowly move down the cliff. I was terrified I would somehow lose a foot, slip off the side, or worse, so I repelled down that cliff so fast I didn't even realize I was doing an awesome job! Check that off the bucket list; Pro Cliff Repeller.

Following the cliff we went ATV riding! I had never once been on, or driven, a four wheeler; ever. Sidetone, everyone had come with someone. They were all paired up & I was the only one there alone. Issa so kindly stuck me at the front of the group to lead the pack! If I could have emojis in this I would have a million of the big eyed emoji with the blushing cheeks. I swore I would run into twenty trees, break down 50 times, and end up somehow at the back of the line by the end. I actually was killing it on that ATV, keeping up, I did not hit anything, and I did not break down once! I felt on top of the world, and I know the other girls did too! WE DID IT.

When we got back from riding the ATV's we were all covered in dirt, dusty as hell, and all of our perfectly sculpted eyebrows looked gray. After all of that we were moving onto swimming in the caves! The Mayan Caves are actually super clear and clean. It was required that we wash off first and make sure all the chemicals, dirt, etc., were washed off of our bodies. After we were clean we had to enter this Mayan temple where we were cleansed of our bad energy. Before you could enter the temple though, you were cleansed with this smoke that could tell if your vibes were good or bad. Obviously, mine were good. I was high off of life and excitement by now!

Flashlights were necessary because obviously there is no light in a cave. Well obvious to everyone, but me. Whoops. In case you were not aware caves are called Cenote in Mexico. We went swimming in these cenotes that were full of bats. Thankfully, I did not see any snakes! It was extremely cool and Issa, mi amour, was as funny as ever. Everyone made jokes about me being alone and single, so they directed them at Issa who in turn kept calling me "mi amour" all day. Issa vibe with Issa mi amour. After all of these fun, but physically exhausting, activities it was time for lunch! Naturally, any time I get to eat is my favorite time of the day! Lunch was traditional Mexican food; chips, tacos, rice, and the best salsa on the planet. Half my sadness about being back in the states is not being able to eat real Mexican food.

Lastly, We ended up going to visit the Mayan Ruins. It is highly recommended if you visit Mexico! I would do it on a day when the sun isn't ready to burn your skin right off. We were all straight dying in the heat to the point we had to cut the tour short. The Mayan Ruins were beautiful and filled with so much rich history. They overlook the ocean with a beach below and it clearly was perfection back in the day. Enjoy all the photos below! Take a trip to Mexico. It was absolutely the best vacation I have ever had.

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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