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Matchmaker monday

Welcome to the new segment on the blog called Matchmaker Monday. This was inspired by my ever present forever single lifestyle, and I know I am not alone. Dating as a millennial is easily the hardest and most annoying thing to do. We invented terms such as "ghosting", "catfish", and "cuffing season". None of these terms inspire love, commitment, and loyalty.

Quick definition pause in case you don't know the meaning of those terms:

  1. Ghosting: cutting off communication completely and usually out of nowhere. zero closure, no conversations had. It is known as the easy out.

  2. Catfish: we live in a society full of social media, so this term was created for people who use fake photos to try to date on the internet. Pretending to be someone you are not.

  3. Cuffing Season: This is when you simply pair up with someone for physical warmth and the boring months of winter.

As you can see, the millennial dating scene is quite different from that of our parents. Gone are the days when we had to actually talk on the phone with one another, physically be together to see each other, and impress girls instead of the other way around. I was listening to my parents talk about how it was when they dated and I couldn't stop laughing because I genuinely had ZERO idea what that must be like. My dad used to call my mom to talk to her on the phone and take her out to do activities such as baseball games, dinners, dancing etc. There were no silly games about whether or not he would call again, or the acceptable time to reach out after a date. My first Matchmaking Monday post is a look into social media as part of our dating ritual.

I have spent some time reading countless articles on millennial dating, recounting my experiences, and asking friends about their opinions to be able to write this post for you today! I am happy, or unfortunately, here to let you all know that it is all of our fault that the dating scene now is so screwy. (yes, I said screwy) I, as much as any girl, would love to say that it is all the dudes fault and we do nothing but love them and be ladies, but girls, we feed into the bullshit and allow it to continue!

Social media is really a huge hindrance on dating today, and by huge hinderance I really mean it is the complete downfall. It completely opens up the dating pool to millions of different people you would not meet otherwise. You can get a date at the swipe of a finger now, and on multiple different sites! What is your preference? There is Bumble, Tinder, Match, Eharmony, Elite singles, Plenty of Fish, Hinge, and that other app that matches you based on your similar dislikes!

Did anyone else get a head spin from those few dating apps/site available to us now? Did you know that you can be signed up on all of them at the same time? That is a lot of dates people. Who has the time?! Then we cannot forget about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter! You can meet so many different people on those social media sites and they can all just slide right up into those DM's. We are no longer just competing with the people closest to us. We are now competing with the whole world.

If a guy gets bored with one girl, or God forbid his girlfriend, he can just find a new one to message that day. Vice versa for girls as well. We post our relationships problems as a status for everyone to chime in on. We judge people based off of pictures and compare ourselves to everyones instagram feeds.

Dating as a millennial is a series of awkward bar meet ups followed by "you up" texts until someone ghosts the other

SO, follow me in my journey of millennial dating, get stories that will probably make you laugh, scoff, maybe even cry, and send me your stories! I would love to put them up here as part of my Matchmaker Monday!

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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