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Matchmaker Monday: Dating Profile for Dudes

Do you ever download one of the dating apps and then stare at the profile section feeling completely lost? All of a sudden you are the worlds most boring person and you have zero to say about yourself. You feel anxiety over the fact that you have not one witty thought in your head, not a single hobby to share, and not even a solid dad joke for good measure.

It's already hard for men out there because statistically speaking 52.4% of males are attracted to online dating as opposed to women and their 47.6%. Men also swipe right THREE times more than women! Making it even harder for men to receive a match. Already starting out you are contending with more men and these picky women. Which means your profile needs to stand out! That is what I am here to address today and hopefully will be able to help y'all have the best profile imaginable.

Let's start with the major things that you should never do when making a profile. You should never have multiple girls in your pictures. This never works out for men because if I see a girl in your picture that very clearly doesn't look as if she resembles you I automatically swipe a no on that. In the mind of a woman she is either an ex girlfriend you are not over, or you are a player, and neither option is appealing. Absolutely ZERO shirtless pictures, dick pictures, or pulling your pants super low to expose whatever abs you think you have, pictures. This makes you look like a gigantic tool. We genuinely do not care how your abs look. We want to see your face and your favorite hobbies. Kid pictures are risky, but not a bad thing! If you are going to have kids in your pictures then you need to address if they are yours in your profile. We will wonder and we will not want to ask.

Lets move on to some quick tips! The obvious, you'd think, tip for dudes is to actually have a profile! I cannot speak for all women, but I know that my friends and I all assume you are a serial killer if you do not have a profile. You cannot think of a single thing to say about yourself at all?! Don't overshare. All you need are a few sentences about who you are, what you want, and what you like. Be funny and approachable and have more than one photo of yourself. We want to see your face, your family, your pets, and yes, your friends. (don't use mirror pics, and make sure your selfie actually has your full face in it)

Two of my friends gave me permission to use their profiles as examples of solid profiles!

Clear, concise, and informative. They both offer different photos that you can see their face, their personalities, and their hobbies. Ladies, One of them is still available!

Next Monday we will explore the profiles of women! Any men who want to share their insight into that, please do!

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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