• Kristin Noel

Layering mathematics

Blue Shirt | White Button Down | Green Vest | Necklace | Sunglasses | Boots

Here in Maryland we were able to escape the extreme cold of winter for a long time, but as with all good things the warm weather came to an end and the cold weather took over. You literally would not believe how unbelievably cold this shoot was. I was carrying around coffee just to stay warm, my fingers were shriveling up and red, and I was wearing a giant coat in between different streets while hugging the crap out of my coffee cup! I personally despise cold weather, but absolutely obsess over fall/winter fashions.

I have layering down to a simple math equation and the more layers I can wear the happier, and warmer, I am! When layering it is important to be as neutral as possible in your color choices & start with a basic piece. I started with a simple navy long sleeve shirt and put on this beautiful, lightweight, white button down overtop. I felt like my outfit still needed something & it was a no brainer to add this gorgeous, heavy, green vest right over everything! TADA! Cute simple outfit, warm, layered, and happy!

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