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how to rebuild in 2020

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

If you follow my IGTV series titled Lolas Walk Talks then you heard me touch briefly on this subject of rebuilding and how 2020 sucks immensely, but it doesn't necessarily have to! It's funny for me to look back on New Years Eve this past year. I had an amazing time with my best friend. I remember making plans for 2020 and saying that 2019 was by far my worst year of life (enter miscarriage post here). I even remember saying that 2020 was the year I had planned on changing everything and giving up my pity party. Now, I literally laugh out loud at that because I was both very right and horribly wrong.

Maybe COVID-19 hit your family super hard. I mean lost your job, can't afford your rent/mortgage, trapped at home kind of hard. Maybe one of these insane natural disasters really hit you, or maybe the BLM Movement has impacted you in a fundamental way. a whole post about that will be coming soon. There is seriously so much going on in the world today that it's really hard to focus on your own dreams and goals, let alone keep a positive attitude. Am I right? You don't have to tell me, I know I'm right.

Despite everything going on in the world I thought to myself "wow, what if this is actually the perfect time to start focusing on the things that are truly on my heart lately." I mean seriously, really think about it. If we changed our mindsets real quick and looked at this as a positive imagine what could happen. I am gonna take a page out of my good friend, Rachel Hollis, book. If you closed your eyes right now and imagined yourself in two years, five years, what about ten years. I am saying dream really big. This is your own mind so nothing is unrealistic. What does your life look like?

This is where the rebuilding part actually comes in. You can't just dive in and change everything overnight. It doesn't work like that because then you put too much on your plate and fail before you even really begin and I don't want that for y'all. Pick one simple goal from your dream scenario. Maybe it was being debt free, buying a new car, taking your family on vacation, getting healthier, or something huge like start your own business. Start with a goal from that. For example, if you want to be debt free then start small by saying you will save $50 a week for the next two months. It seems small, but you weren't doing that before!

Now, you may be saying to your screen, but Kristin, I am just not motivated, or I cannot do that. It is really hard for me to change my mindset. I'm not like you. YOU ARE RIGHT. You are not like me, you are like you! That is your super power. Let me let you in on a little secret guys. I don't always wake up in a chipper mood and jump right out of bed smiling. Some days I reeaaalllyyy wanna hit that snooze button because I had the same nightmare I have developed since my miscarriage. It's always the same too. Me alone in the ultrasound room staring at the screen. Seeing a tiny baby with a giant head, little tiny arms, and skinny legs that look like jelly to me, and then I see that it's not alive. (which is actually not a dream, its a memory from that day, minus being alone). Then it switches really quick to me standing alone with a baby bump that starts to slowly evaporate. Literally evaporate. I always wake up the same way with my hand feeling around my stomach and tears in my eyes. Who the hell wants to wake up like that?! No one. I promise you.

Yet, I turn my alarm off, wipe my eyes, take a deep breath, and immediately turn to my gratitude journal. Even on the days when I wake up miserable and knowing that I do not want to fucking get out of bed I make sure to remind myself of all the reasons I do have to keep pushing. I write the same goals/dreams down every morning that I have to remind myself that I have something worth working towards. Thats really the key guys. 2020 sucks some serious assholes, but what if it didn't have to? Have you seen the change that's been happening all year long? Have you been paying attention to how things have shifted? Nothing is impossible. Nothing is too big to tackle. You are worth the goals and dreams you have no matter what they are & if you need help really digging deep to figure out what to focus on thats when you email/DM/carrier pigeon me!

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