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Happiness blooms from within

Lately my thoughts have been taking me to the idea of Happiness. We all want it, we all feel it, and we all experience it differently. It has personally been something I have struggled with over the years and what I have learned about happiness is that it blooms from within.

As humans we always look at happiness as material possessions, or a destination. We think if I had that job I would be happy, or If I had that car I would be happy. Everything is about reaching that happiness destination, but what often happens is that we achieve our goal of getting what we thought would make us happy and we still aren't happy. It creates a cycle of us being like okay, this job didn't make me happy, so maybe if I got promoted, or maybe If I used my new money to buy this.

I have never been someone who has depression. I am a super positive, outgoing, and peppy human being, but sometimes life really gets in the way and we lose sight of what is important. I was chatting with one of my good friends, JJ Lamp, recently and he said something to me that really stuck.

"Happiness is coming home from work and your dog making you smile ear to ear. Happiness is staring in the eyes of the person you love in the middle of a field with nobody else around. Happiness is what you make it. What is happiness to one person can be hell to another. Happiness is really all about your heart and what you hold closest to it."

He could not have said it any better. Happiness has ZERO to do with destination. Happiness is all about you, how you feel on the inside, and what simplicities you experience in your day to day life. When I finally look within myself I realize that my happiness comes from my family, my sweet Lola, my friends, becoming an aunt for the first time, being able to use this blog as my platform to help people, doing well at my job etc.

I started writing this post as a way to help people who struggle with depression, but it ended up helping me realize all that I have to be grateful for. Lets make sure we look at happiness from within ourselves and stop thinking of happiness as a destination.

Happiness is an emotion. An emotion just like anger, sadness, excitement, and like these emotions we can feel happiness in waves. Let the emotions in, feel them when you have to, and remember that its not a destination! If anyone ever needs someone to talk to there are so many outlets for you to reach out to, but you can also reach out to me! I will always listen.

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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