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OKAY! If there is one thing you all have been asking for it is a post all about Fall Fashion! Now I may be biased, but plaid is all I love to live in for the entire Fall/Winter season. It can be worn in so many different ways, on various body types, and can pull together any outfit. Everyone should own at least one plaid/flannel shirt; it is literally a staple. So, let me make this easy on you and list the 10 Fall staples to build your wardrobe!

  1. Plaid/Flannel Shirt

  2. Solid color oversize sweater (you can have multiple if you want)

  3. Leather Jacket

  4. Jean Jacket

  5. Black & White T-Shirt

  6. Black Jeans

  7. Mildly Ripped blue denim

  8. Booties

  9. Over the Knee Boots

  10. Faux Fur Vest (just to spice things up)

I asked my best friend & fellow blogger, Kate, to help me out with this shoot. I wanted to create two different, but similar, looks. Also, I knew that I wanted us to both be wearing plaid. (biased towards plaid, remember) It is important to me for everyone to understand that different ways you can wear one item! It helps so much if you are someone who is on a budget, or you simply understand financial responsibility. Something I may never understand because clothes and shoes are a necessity to me.

Fall Fashion is all about the layers. Layers on top of even more layers. In my look I wanted to wear a pair of blue denim that has some mild rips in them. It gives that casual and distressed vibe. I love the idea of a solid colored sweater mixed with a bomb plaid top, but I definitely did not want to be overly bulky. The key to layers is to look effortless and not like you are trekking through some wild winter storm. The sweater is already kind of heavy, so I tied the plaid around my waist to add style & the extra jean jacket to not only keep me warm, but add flare to the whole thing! Top it all off with my ALDO booties with studs and all of a sudden my outfit has some serious edge, but can be dressed up too!

When I started planning out how I wanted Kate to look it became very clear to me that I needed something casual and easy. She has that gorgeous red hair so I knew that color plaid would be PERFECT for her. Naturally, I was right. I did not want her wearing just basic blue denim because that felt like it could not transform to something more dressed up. Leather jackets are the ultimate staple in any wardrobe and paired with black denim took her outfit from casual day to party at night. It is amazing what a different color in denim and adding a jacket can do to a pretty simple outfit.

So, there you have it! Two different, but similar, outfits that can be both day & evening wear. All fall approved and within my top 10 items you need for Fall! What items do you already have?? What items will you be adding to your wardrobe immediately??

As always all photos were taken by Chanel Photography, and you can find Kate and her blog over at See Kate Rome!

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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