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bmorebabes & brunch

This past weekend I was given the amazing opportunity of attending the bmore babes & brunch event. It was easily the most inspirational and awesome event I have been to. Granted, this was the first event I have gone to like this, but it exceeded any, and all, expectations I had. A large group of women entrepreneurs supporting one another all in once place?! Yes, please!

It was held at the Sagamore Pendry Hotel in baltimore. Off topic real quick, this hotel was completely insane. It was gorgeous, the people were friendly, everywhere inside was filled with the perfect photo backdrop, and then when you went outside into the courtyard your heart would literally stop at how perfect it was. It was a bloggers and photographers dream. The event was outside in the courtyard. It was definitely hot as hell and I was drowning in sweat, but I did not care. The glasses of rosé were flowing, the popsicles were delicious, and the table of indescribably good donuts, because you simply HAD to try them to understand, all was unbelievable.

Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Top: Boutique at Body Wellness, Shoes: ALDO

The actual event was beyond anything I could have imagined in my mind. The group of women that were in attendance all came dressed so fashionably and ready to exchange ideas. It was the first time I had attended anything by myself. I was nervous for sure. I rarely go anywhere unless I have a friend, or one of my sisters, to come with. It gives me someone to focus on if I feel uncomfortable, but for this specific event I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone to really make an impact for myself. I have always been a social butterfly and excellent in social settings, but I usually have a group of people I know already around me, ready to back me up, laugh at stupid jokes I make, and validate everything I am saying and doing.

I was proud. I met some incredible women, made some seriously valuable connections, and felt the kind of support, hype, and validation for my work that as a blogger you don't always feel from the outside world. I was positive that it couldn't possibly get any better and then the speeches began! If you don't already know who Alysha of Discover Charm City is then I strongly advise you to get on instagram and find her immediately. She made such an incredible and inspiring speech about women supporting women and inclusion of all women (and people) of all races and backgrounds. It genuinely made me tear up. FINALLY. The issue we pretend isn't real is being addressed and in such a positive way. I had a chance to talk with her that day and she is so kind, funny, and down to earth.

Saving the best part for last! Hope, who is the founder and CEO of Bmore Babes, made her speech and to say that I was utterly moved is an understatement and doesn't give her justice. She is a woman of profound knowledge and bursting with amazing ideas that she is ready to put into action. Bmore Babes being the forefront of those ideas. She is gracious, hilarious, inspirational, grounded, and absolutely a woman to aspire to be. She created a space where women can come and be heard, feel appreciated, and most importantly feel understood. She had a huge announcement to make and that was to announce that the Bmore Babes would have their first ever rally on March 9th! A rally to support women, learn about business, and gain some seriously knowledge and inspiration?! Count me the fuck in.

So, in case my super long way of saying everything didn't take yet. Women should always support women, Alysha of Discover Charm City is bomb as fuck and you need to follow her, and Hope of Bmore Babes is an inspirational to all that you also need to be following. Also, come to the rally on March 9th. COOL?!

xoxo, Kristin Noel

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