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About me

"She was a storm; not the kind you run from, but the kind you chase”

Hi! I am Kristin Noel!

I am absolutely obsessed with my precious puppy, Lola, Arbonne fizz sticks, tacos, and all desserts. I am the Store Manager for a shoe store called ALDO. My job is literally my life. If I’m not at work I am either at home snuggling Lola, out finding a new adventure, or fawning over my insanely perfect nephew. I recently suffered a miscarriage that has left me feeling lost. So, it looks like this blog will be one of healing and rediscovery for me! 

I have always been super passionate about everything involving fashion, art, and design. I have a bachelors degree in fashion merchandising! I would describe my style as girly with an edge. I obsess over lace detailing, bows, and pastel colors, but I also love leather, studs, tattoos, everything black, and deep jewel tones. I can't help it, if it is darker in shade Im definitely obsessed.  I literally wear all black and consider my red hair to be a pop of color.

I have been planning this blog out for actual years. I am an annoying perfectionist with a serious case of indecisiveness thrown in. Makes for really interesting conversations with me! I decided it was now or never.

Also, if you’ve ever watched the movie 27 Dresses and thought to yourself “that’s my life” then we can relate on a personal level and will become fast besties.

Well y’all, please feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to, or want your story featured on the blog. If I can help just one person by being truthful about my journey then I have accomplished something!